Emergency Evacuation Plan

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Emergency evacuation is necessary more often than one would think. In any business, an Emergency Evacuation Plan outlines the steps to take, as well as guiding personnel to safely evacuate from an emergency situation. An Emergency Evacuation Plan should be created with care and detail so every component is covered. There are legal requirements for businesses to have an Evacuation Plan in place.

Why Emergency Plans are Important

Emergencies can arise in any business, and owners need to have a plan prepared that will allow them and their employees to escape, if necessary. Fires can break out anywhere, so each and every exit must be covered in the plan. Drills should also be performed regularly to ensure each employee understands the procedure for exiting the building, should a fire occur. Without a plan available, everyone would take it upon themselves to find a route out of the building, creating chaos. The plan keeps things orderly in a potentially chaotic situation.


Plan Requirements for Business Owners

An Emergency Evacuation Plan for your business needs to meet some specific requirements. Firstly, business owners need to ensure that correct measures are in place to avoid a fire from happening in the first place. This includes making sure areas are tidy and there are clear access ways, no exits are blocked for any reason, and electrical components and machines are regularly checked. All legal standards and compliance codes must also be met.

Even with all standards met and fire safety measures in place, a fire may still occur. For this reason, a detailed plan is still needed. Business owners must consider all aspects, including which exits to use, which phone numbers to call, such as security, who will raise the alarm, and even the use of a fail-safe communications system.


Things to Consider When Drafting a Plan

One of the first things to consider is where the alarm pushbutton is located. This should be listed in the Plan with proper instructions on how to sound the alarm in an emergency. The business owner may not be the one to sound the alarm if it is not located nearby. Instead, it could be the responsibility of another manager or team member, should the alarm be located in their area.

A list of contact numbers should also be included in your Plan, providing the necessary information in order to reach a member of Security, the fire department, or a Fire Warden in charge of an area.

Each exit must also be considered in the Plan. Employees in all areas of the building need to have an exit in mind when a fire occurs. If that exit is blocked or happens to be where the fire is located, another option should be provided. Best practice would suggest including the building’s layout drawing, which shows, amongst other things, the location of all the exits.

Your Emergency Evacuation Plan needs each aspect considered carefully so a safe, effective Plan is created.

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