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Keeping up with any industry standard requires hard work and attention to detail.

It changes all the time and most of us including the team here, are always checking and double checking we are on top of industry change.

Just recently Hinds Sand Supplies found, due to industry change, that their fleet of over 30 trucks were non-compliant with the transport act.

The new section to the act required all fire extinguishers to be a hose type extinguisher, which meant for Aaron and his business, he was now non-compliant and facing a costly replacement that was not in the budget.

But after having two truck fires in the last 12 months there was no hesitation to make the upgrade and be a business proud of being compliant and a continual leader in the industry.

Well done Hinds and thankyou for choosing the FCF Fire and Electrical WA South team to provide you with a practical fire safety solution.


Building Product Compliance

For those that do not know, in the world of fire, it has been highlighted and debated about rising fire safety concerns about substandard imported building materials and the lax rules that let them into the country.

High profile incidents have included the apartment fire in Melbourne’s Docklands last year, that quickly spread via the non-compliant, combustible exterior cladding.  There has also been the recall of non-compliant “infinity” electrical cable, believed to be installed in around 40,000 homes, which can degrade and become a fire hazard in as little as two years after installation.

Australia has become a dumping ground for some of the world’s dodgiest and most dangerous building products.

This has now gained some major exposure with Current Affairs programs picking up on this potentially horrendous situation, to the point that a senate inquiry will be held into the safety and legality of imported building materials in Australia.


Above, Melbourne High rise fire. It is believed many of those same products have been widely used in Western Australia.


Local Business Winter Fire Toll

Crews from Fremantle, Belmont, Daglish, Osborne Park and Perth were called to Brookfield Place on St Georges Terrace, where an electrical fire was reported in the basement area on the Friday afternoon.  The fire started in the third floor of the basement where workers were welding near a switchboard.  The workers tried to extinguish the fire with some extinguishers but that was not successful, so firefighters were called.

There was damage to a switchboard which was estimated at around $200,000. No one was injured when the switchboard ignited but the local childcare centre at 125 St Georges Terrace had to be evacuated because smoke was encroaching on their building.

Repair work, alterations and construction can cause unnecessary dangers to your business.  Here at FCF Fire and Electrical WA South, we employ accredited technicians to undertake all work, as safety and compliance is paramount.

Always ask your contractor for their safety management plan outlining the potential risks that could impact on your business.  This simple question could draw attention to safe work practices and mitigating risk


Emergency services attend a scene in Perth city centre in May, which saw a construction site at Brookfield Place evacuated.

Test and Tagging

Test and Tag for any business can show hazards and risks that have been undetected and it is only a matter of time that these may result in fire, injury or death. This quarter was no different, with FCF Fire and Electrical WA South hopefully preventing such disasters in our area.

In the last three monthly period the construction industry has had its quarterly tagging requirement, which has kept Bec, our Electrical technician busy.

fcf fire & electrical wa south

Bec performing the quarterly Test and Tag for local business Rocko Hire.

Phone Peter on 0487514111 or email us today and FCF Fire and Electrical WA South will test and tag all your portable electrical appliances.