Test and Tag – Facts For All Business Owners

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Electrocution, fire and other injuries can occur when a person works with portable electrical equipment or appliances that are not properly maintained. Guidelines dictate when testing is needed for a business’ portable electrical appliances and how to manage equipment that is not working properly. This can help save lives, protect infrastructure and protect personnel who use the equipment. Therefore, it is very important for a business owner to understand what their responsibilities are when it comes to having their portable electrical appliances tested and tagged.

What is Electrical Testing and Tagging?

Businesses must perform an electrical test and subsequently tag portable electrical equipment to ensure it is working properly and is safe for employees to use while doing their job. Any equipment that is not working properly must be tagged and cannot be used. This protects everyone who enters the building and the building itself from dangerous equipment that could be a fire hazard or could cause an injury if it is used while it is not working properly.

What are the Requirements for Businesses?

The test and tag regulations state that any electrical equipment that is used for construction work or that is used in a hostile operating environment must be tested regularly to ensure it is working properly. A hostile operating environment is when the equipment is used often under conditions that are likely to damage the equipment. All other electrical equipment should go through a risk assessment to determine the safety measures needed to ensure they are safe to use as well. The test should be done on a regular basis and any equipment that is not working properly should be tagged and removed from use.

Who Can Test Electrical Equipment?

The testing must be done by someone who qualifies as a competent person. The person needs to have the experience and skills necessary to test all of the equipment and can gain these through training, qualification, or experience. The person does not have to be a licensed electrician, but many businesses do choose to have a licensed electrician check the equipment to ensure the testing is done properly.

What Happens When the Equipment is Not Working Properly?

Any equipment that is not working properly or could be hazardous must be tagged and removed from service. The equipment cannot be used again until it is completely repaired and is retested to ensure it is working properly once again. If the equipment cannot be repaired it must be discarded properly and replaced with equipment that is functioning properly. It is not necessary to test new equipment, but the new equipment should be inspected before use to ensure it did not suffer damages while being shipped.

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The test and tag process is incredibly serious and a failure to follow these regulations could lead to dangerous working conditions for the employees or damage to the building if a fire occurs. The information provided in this article is of a general nature and may not be applicable to your situation specifically. Business owners need to understand what equipment will need to be tested regularly, how to test the equipment, and how to tag and deal with any equipment that is not working. It’s often a good idea to hire a trained test and tag professional who understands the test and tag requirements and who can help the business ensure their following all regulations carefully.

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